My new cover for the Los Angeles Times Gift Guide for 2018

My cover for this weekend’s L.A. Times Gift Guide for 2018. See the posts above and below for more work inside the guide AND for L.A. Affairs.

Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival 2016

Poster for the Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival 2016, Japan

I was delighted to be commissioned to produce the poster for next year’s Tohoku Food Marathon and Festival.

Held in Mayagi, Japan  and in collaboration with the Marathon du Medoc (France), the Tohoku Marathon is helping to revitalize the region affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

With products on exhibit from the region and the beloved cherry blossoms in full bloom, it’s a positive, family-friendly event that’s gaining more and more popularity each year.

dpi Magazine Feature


After my visit to Taipei earlier this year, dpi magazine Taiwan approached me for an interview via email. I gratefully accepted, and here in the latest edition is my six-page profile.

Dpi also features an article about the World Illustration Awards 2015, of which I am a finalist, with the two pieces in the previous post selected. The AOI article is up here.